We would like to introduce for your viewing pleasure… Betsie our Wors-Rol Pin-up Girl. She is our good-luck mascot and goes wherever we roll.

This Gourmet Wors-Rol is specially designed by our hungry Chef, Bertus Basson. According to him there is nothing as lekker as a GREAT hotdog…

But what makes our warmbrak different from other hotdogs?
It’s better cause it’s local, it’s bigger, our sauces are homemade and our sausages come from a special place. It’s name is Sweetwell Farm on the R44 outside Stellenbosch, where the piggies run around like happy pigs do!

Our product consists of:
1. Super soft white bread, toasted…
2. Special pork sausage - 22 cm long!
3. Our special ketchup
4. Bertus’ (family recipe - seriously!) mustard sauce.
5. Our thrice fried fries
6. The price? R45

Where can you get the Wors-Rol?

Any place in the Western Cape. Phone us and we’re there! Or if you’re keen on a beach party, office party or just a party, we cater for up to x1000 people! Even more if you ask nicely.

So next time you’re hungry, phone us, that’s how we roll!

May the “WORS” be with you…